Extreme Detox Cases: Chest Infection, Helicobacter, Hiatus Hernia


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  1. Thank you for this video Dr Morse as it right up my alley!
    I am in my 70s and changing over from a mindless diet (shoulder of lamb stews were my favourite), to a caring diet of fruit, raw veggies as salads and cooked veggies.
    Has been one year.
    The detoxing has been difficult at times so I pull back and go all cooked veggie until the cleansing slows down a little. Whenever I have fruit I have a protracted ‘flu’, but I know that the body knows what it is doing. So I have been going slowly but surely, the goal is for wellness in old age. Thanks again 😊

  2. Dr Morse,
    Re : Maggots.
    Back in the days of my work in nursing, we sent a gentleman home for the weekend to give him a rest from us!
    When he returned his wound was exposed and full of maggots.
    Naturally everyone was horrified and revolted, but the one smart GP I’ve ever met, encouraged us to allow the maggots to stay.
    Some escaped and were found in the patient’s bedding, but in no time his wound was so clean that he didn’t need any more dressing changes.
    Thought you might like that….Cheers Jinny 😄

  3. I love how you explain how the body functions and the healing power of Gods fruit, berries, marvolous melons and healing herbs. And how ds and flus are just the body eliminating waste and mucus. I love to share this knowledge with my family and friends however as most of them are Christians they do not believe in aliens so Dr Morses comments about outer space aliens is offensive and off putting: I would appreciate a response from the good doctor about his beliefs as he states he is a God man.

    Thanks I look forward to hearing from you

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