Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Kidney Filtration, Duplex Ureter and More #673


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00:00:00 – Intro – Exciting new projects
00:10:31 – Kidney filtration
00:41:06 – Water filtration
00:46:59 – Duplex ureter


00:10:31 – Kidney filtration
I have a question about the stages of kidney filtration

00:41:06 – Water filtration
I’m so confused by all the differing opinions

00:46:59 – Duplex ureter
Do you see any connection between duplex ureter and female organ weakness?


Key Takeaways from this Video:

  • Lymphatic stagnation and acidosis are at the core of many chronic health issues discussed, including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and more. Getting the lymphatic system moving freely and addressing pH imbalance is important for resolving these issues.
  • Hormonal imbalances are more likely a symptom rather than a cause, and treating symptoms with hormones often causes further issues by shutting down the body’s natural hormone production. The root issue is typically lymphatic and kidney function.
  • Diet plays a major role, with fruit seen as the natural food for humans. Fasting and a raw fruit-based diet can help address lymphatic and acid-base imbalances. Herbal support may help speed the detoxification process.
  • Other modalities like iridology can provide clues to structural weaknesses and help guide treatment. Issues like pituitary dysfunction may underlie some hormone and reproductive issues.
  • Surgery should, if possible, be avoided as it can further trauma tissue and create scar tissue and adhesions, worsening underlying lymphatic issues. natural non-invasive remedies are preferred when possible.
  • Keep things simple and focus on cells, fluids, metabolism, and elimination instead of getting lost in complex biochemistry details. The body’s design principles are fairly straightforward.
  • Focus on taking a holistic view of the entire body’s systems rather than isolating individual hormones, organs or illnesses. Lymphatic and kidney function are core to addressing chronic health issues and hormonal imbalances.

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  1. Dr. Morse you are always a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much for the information you bring and how you deliver it. God bless you!

  2. Love you Dr Morse, Thank You for all the good free and very helpful information you are giving us.God Bless You !!!

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