Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Breast Cancer, Depression, Allux Rigidus and More #677


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00:00:00 – Intro
00:13:48 – Breast cancer
00:31:12 – Hallux rigidus (arthritis)
00:56:10 – Depression, Gut problems
01:22:18 – Weeping Blisters


00:13:48 – Breast cancer
A year ago, I decided to detox to cleanse my body of chemotherapies (2 standard + 6 regional chemotherapies) due to the diagnosis of right breast cancer.

00:31:12 – Hallux rigidus (arthritis)
I injured my big toe on the left foot playing football about 5 years ago and I now have a stiff joint, inflammation and pain.

00:56:10 – Depression, Gut problems
I had battled horrible depression for years.

01:22:18 – Weeping Blisters
My 7 year old daughter has developed these blisters on her legs that ooze fluid and then scab over.

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  1. Hi
    I too occasionally indulge in a spicy Indian (Meal not Man!)
    In Florida do the Indian Restaurants use Coconut Milk for your Korma?
    Reason for asking is you usually get Mucus after your Indian, is that from the Dairy Cream or just the Spices expectoration?

    lots of love

  2. Wondering Doc ~ Do reptilians know they are reptilians??… Keeping you and your team with protection from this hurricane coming~ Stay safe Doc~ really hoping you get a break and won’t be replacing fence again!!🤞🏻Biggie Hug!!

    • Hello Leila,

      Dr. Morse is no longer seeing clients as he is focused on research, writing, educating, and the International School of the Healing Arts.

      You can however schedule a 1-to-1 consultation with a Dr. Morse trained counselors at the Detox Center.

      Visit Dr. Morse’s Detox Center website: https://drmorsesdetoxcenters.com/

      Also, you can find many more practitioners within the US and internationally on GrapeGate.

      Check GrapeGate’s international practitioner directory: https://jo.my/find-practitioner

  3. Hi Dr Morse, I know that the natural way of alkalising the body (with raw foods) is better, but can you please comment on the use of bicarbonate of soda /sodium bicarbonate, mixed with pure maple syrup as a treatment for cancers? – i.e. a fast track way to alkalise the body, whilst monitoring ph levels with urine ph tests daily,your wisdom will be much appreciated!
    Thank you and warm regards
    Sandi from New Zealand
    p.s. I have your detox sourcebook, just reading through it now.

  4. hello Thank you for the good inspiration.
    What do you think of using high doses of green clay ? My thought and expirees is that green clay and vit.c is helping the body to get rid of any thing that is in the body that should not be there.
    I would always use it in combination with a raw food mostly fructivore diet.
    Do you know the deferens between eating raw egg yolk and cooked. I also use raw milk produkts as I love chees and this seem to sit well whit my body. If I eat posturized milk products I have problems ricgt away skin react immediately and intestines’ next day are blocked.
    xx Leen

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