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  1. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Thank god I did my research and saved my family, eventhough we were being pressured from all angles! I TRIED TO WARN AD MANY AS I COULD!😪 I’m beyond sad for those that got the shot!!

  2. My husband is very sick since after the vaccin. I didnt take any since my lungs are full of cancer methastases. If I’m not am better after my poisonous treatment.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Dr Morse. I did not get the jab but I felt physically ill after watching this. It is hard to wrap your head around the fact that this was planned and not a medical accident. So many victims.

  4. Thank you for sharing . Glad I was one of the smart ones that did my own research and knew not to let anyone stick this bio weapon in my arm . It’s so sad that so many people were forced to do it or believed the rhetoric that was fed to them daily.

  5. Excellent documentary, I’m letting everyone know they must be aware and share a link to drmorse.tv. I thank Dr. Morse for having the courage to shine a light on this and to the person who sent the link to me. Given the fact our Government and big Pharma can’t be trusted to be honest two things need too get answered for those who rejected the jab… First the next attempt will be how? Second blood transfusions… safe? probably not so much. Prepare and be safe everyone.

  6. I am one of those who got persuaded in getting the shot despite that I knew vaccines do harm people, believing that I can detox that shit out.
    I am wondering if the war in Ukraine is a diversion for people to ease the attention of the whole covid thing. Also, right before the covid started, there was a push against the 5G technology, but all that disappeared, because the pandemic took all the attention and 5G was easily implemented in my country and probably in the rest of the world too. Just a thought, maybe 5G signal works synergistically with the vaccine and it promotes the blood clotting…
    I was researching on the internet the effects of vaccines few years before pandemic, and I came to conclusion that they mess up and kill people. But now the whole subject is so censored, and I can’t find sources that were available all those years ago. There is a dark agenda in the works, but so many are blind to it.

    • This is so wicked! My entire family including myself has gotten this vaccine. I repent now Father for my ignorance. Father, watch over us. Seeing so many people just falling over and dieing on the spot is so scary to see. Remarkable video.

  7. I did not take the shot. I had a procedure and my doctor said I had the antibodies and could proceed with the procedure. I don’t trust anyone Democrats are trying to destroy this country kill the Americans!

  8. This is the biggest act of mass genocide on us from WWII. Sure Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci will get away Scott free. ☘️🇬🇧

  9. Dr. Morse, can you make a video talking about this? I am scared for my parents who got the vaccine. They are 2 hours away from you in Florida so i’m saving up to make an appointment for my mom. She has “MS” (Epstein Barr) and unable to walk without a cane. I’m working on getting her eye photos to you!

  10. So it seems like Stew Peters is the replacement shill for Alex Jones. Don’t get me wrong there is no virus and vaccines have always been the delivery system for pestilence but these clowns are playing you and shame on you Dr Morse for seeing it.

  11. scary data that is being ignored.
    my only criticism of the video, should have shown Trump bragging about the vax, as well. it’s every bit political and some political folks were shown, but Trump is complicit.

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