Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Shout Out, Spirituality and More #609


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00:00:00 – Intro – Health, Spirituality – Shout-out to Telegram Moderators – Another classic picture from Dr. Morse.
00:14:14 – Digestive problems – Lila
00:34:13 – Tumor in Kidney – Susan
00:46:33 – Breast implant removal

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  1. https://healthfreedomdefense.org/wfd

    Please read, consider, and sign the world freedom defense petition against the WHO being able to unilaterally make health decisions for the entire world.

    Thank you for your messages, Dr. Morse. This channel is a light in a dark and dimming world.

  2. If you can robert morse, please talk more on astral travel and how one opens themselves up to unwanted beings? I get into out of body many times and im a beginner to it and it gets scary, so im curious to know how to avoid opening myself up? I also read dolores cannons hypnosis therapy and it seems very beneficial and safe. So understanding the difference between opening to unwanted beings compared to speaking with our own subconscious. Thanks

  3. Hello! My mother in law has taken two Pfizer covid jabs. Since this she has had swelling all around her body and severe pain. She is now at a point where she struggles to walk and is extremely week, I just wanted to know, do you think a fast would help and is it possible that someone can be to week to put their body through a fast. Thank you

  4. hi dr. morse! another great video, thank you! I also wanted to say that i am so happy you mentioned the “so you think you can dance” dance show, I am the host’s (cat deeley) hairstylist and get to be ground zero with all of these amazing and young dancers. The young woman you speak of is one of my faves, she’s also an inspiration to many young ppl to allow them to BE who they are, because we are all different and that’s how it’s supposed to be :))

    you’re amazing and I cannot wait to meet you in person, i’m re-learning so much from you!

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