Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Seizures, Bad Teeth, Lymph Nodes and More #611


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00:00:00 – Major Seizure
00:17:56 – Bad teeth – Swollen lymph node in neck


00:00:00 – Major Seizure
My daughter suffered a seizure 3 days ago at school which lasted more than an hour from the time she became non responsive.

00:17:56 – Bad teeth – Swollen lymph node in neck
From birth he already had a big lymph node in his neck, which is still there and he has more now, also on his upper-legs.

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  1. Thank you, Doc! ❤️ What would you do for dogs that go into seizures? Of course feed them their species specific diet (I’m going to start preparing food for my girlfriends dog and have one of his meals watermelon without the seeds)… but would you guys also recommend me using a few drops of the anti-spasmodic and massage his paws if he starts breaking out into a seizure? Would massaging his neurolymphatic points help during a seizure as well? Much love.

  2. Thanks Doctor

    Your wisdom and advice has saved my life and ‘healed’ my joint pains and kept me clean and healthy for years. You are a gift from God with your health and healing Common sense.

  3. Hello, Dr. Morse! Our son’s 5 y and a half’s history resembles a little bit to the one of the 9 y o boy with lymphatic stagnation: black teeth, big nodes behind his ears; huge adenoids, big tonsils, constipation since 4 months after birth, deep stern bone and flared ribs. He was non verbal until last year. We’ve been on Lymph and Spleen, GI Renew 3, Kidney 1 and 3, Parasite G, for 3 months alreardy. We’ve just added Parasite M. Each about 3 times a day. There’s still no sign that his adenoids get back to normal (he only breaths on his mouth). His bowl movement is better, though. He’s even managed to have a bowl movement spontaneously, on the closet, not during his sleep, as in general. What is it that we are not doing right? Thank you! alexandra, Romania.

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