Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Baby Teeth Issues and Diet Questions #625


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00:01:38 – Baby teeth issues and diet questions

Hello Dr Morse, my daughter is 16 months old and her 4 top teeth are brown. She has been nursed since she was a baby. She ate strictly fruits and light veggies until she was 11 months old. She has been on superfoods all her life and a few other of your herbs to help with digestion and cleaning.

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  1. So excited about Dr Morse Glandular Junction!!! Along with his other goodies in store 😍 when will the Junction be open??? I need lots of goodies for my healing body

  2. So sad to hear that the clinic is closed. I was getting ready to come down there. Is the clinic still offering protocols and iris reading over the internet? Is Dr Morse still doing the 12 week protocol with iris reading for $400 via the internet? Where is Dr Morse’s sons detox center located? Would love to go visit there..thank you so much

  3. About the brown teeth, my both kids did have brown teet from age of 14 months on a raw food diet.
    Now they are 13, 16 years old and it’s gone .
    After they started to change the teeth ( milk teeth ) everything started to get better.
    They were eating lots of fruits.
    I went to several dentist and one bio dentist told me it’s a black stain, nothing to worry about.
    Might be something to do with the microbiom and fruit .
    My kids have been often on dr Morse intestine cleanse and the teeth problem ( brow-black) slowly disappeared.
    The dentist can polish it off but not when they are so young ( baby).
    My kids have no problem with there teeth on a raw food diet.
    My young son had a bike accident where his teeth fall out and needed to be replaced in ( fortunately they came out in one piece with the root.)
    They told needs a Root canal after healed because will not connect back but it did , grow back .
    Keep cleaning, and enjoying healthy, living food .
    Especially when they are young , the foundation is important.

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