Dr. Morse’s Q&A – Kidney Failure, Breast Discharge, Cell Salts and More #655


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00:00:00 – Intro – Spirituality, Health and more
00:31:58 – Cell salts
00:40:38 – Toxoplasmosis
00:53:28 – Breast discharge
01:13:18 – Kidney failure stage 3, Acid reflux
01:25:19 – Questions for Dr. Morse


00:31:58 – Cell salts
I was hoping to get your take on Cell Salts.

00:40:38 – Toxoplasmosis
I was recently diagnosed with toxoplasmosis. (Parasite behind the eye) which they believe I got from my mom’s womb.

00:53:28 – Breast discharge
It now comes out as it seems to me like breast milk. Is this normal?

01:13:18 – Kidney failure stage 3, Acid reflux
His kidney function is at 40% and his nephrologist says his kidneys can’t heal.

01:25:19 – Assorted Questions

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  1. This isn’t such a great planet anymore. However, all of us are responsible for what we see manifested in it. As such, our work is to help this planet and others by being the instrument of something higher and bringing that into this world. Dr. M, you are a such a helpful soul and a light to all. I trust what you say implicitly and am very grateful for your wisdom and understanding.

  2. I recently got diagnosed with early stage of breast cancer. I have been doing the akaline diet. Lots of fruits and veggies. I have noticed that my kidneys are starting to hurt. Is that part of the detoxing?

    • Take out the veggies and just eat fruit and don’t restrict how much you eat or it will be hard for you to stick to. It is the quickest way to heal. When i started on the fruit diet my kidneys were painful too, but it went away after a while.

      • Okay thanks! I’ve been doing the fruit diet for 3 weeks. Last week I had someone close to me in the hospital and i got off track with coffee and fast food because it was easy. Im hoping that didn’t hurt me. Im starting back tomorrow with the fruit detox again

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