A Discussion: Dr. Morse on the Truth of Cancer, Spirituality, New World Order and Much More


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  1. I used to have an Eckankar center next to me in the local shops but recently they took their sign down. I also heard they are called something entirely different now. I never joined because I am not keen on ‘groups’ as if you do not agree with something, they soon lose interest in you. However, I always tune in to you Dr Morse every now and then for updates. I think Robert Kennedy Jr’s website CHILDREN’S HEALTH DEFENSE is the best platform aside from your own right now as they discuss Vaccine injury IN DEPTH. It only cost $10 to join and then you get many interviews with many Free thinking MD’s which for me has been very helpful in understanding the lay of the land right now. Thanks for all you do and I highly suggest people join Robert Kennedy’s platform as he is like Dr Morse, HE CARES!!!!!!!!!! Namaste!

  2. I love the Doc, and I’m wiling to investigate the reptilean theory, as a theory. But I draw the line at a surprise disclosure of a service stint in a remote viewing unit. You’ll never prove that bull.

      • I 💗you Dr Morse
        I’m sending this video to my sister who’s dermatologist wants to use pinpoint radiation on my sister’s face where she had Basal cell growth removed between her mouth & the lower corner of her nose. Ofcourse I don’t feel it’s a good idea. I hope she takes this info to heart and rethinks “treatment”. They also said she has a rare type of abnormal cells on her leg and they want to do a biopsy next month.
        Thank you for putting your videos out, people need to become aware of what & who they are facing and ways to strategically work around all the shananigans.
        On another note:
        I can relate to what hurricanes can do and send you love & hugs. Katrina destroyed my home and it took 16months to be able to move back in. But we have a better, newer, more modern home…there is always a silver lining if you are open to seeing one.
        I wish everyone well

    • We are lied not just about health. About earth also. We don’t live on a spinning globe. There are lands outside antarctic shore that surrounds us. Watch level2021 on Eric dubay.

  3. We love you Dr Morse, thank you for your wisdom & courage. You give me faith in a dark time, my younger brother passed away in May of this year, MRSA infection on leg, he went to hospital for almost 2 weeks, ended up getting a pulmonary embolism in his lungs after first week in hospital and his leg had little to no improvement. A month after checking out of hospital he passed away in his sleep, may the Holy Ghost bless his Soul. I think he was given some kind Of treaent that wasn’t partner The MRSA program. 36 years old, I wish I had found this site and Dr Morse earlier I know my brother would still be alive. I will try my best to learn and understand all your teaching’s. I want to help as many people as I can now dedicated to my younger bro David. Thank you again Dr Morse

  4. I’ve been trying to date and its difficult because every time I talk about this diet and your videos and ideas they disagree without even researching it. I take such offence that I can’t bring myself to go on a second date. Ha ha….guess ….its now an emotional thing…. a passion!

    • It is hard to connect with others once you start understanding how much toxic nonsense we are exposed to and trying to eliminate it. I think our very basic info is different.

      My Mother was in very poor health and I was trying to give my Mom distilled water and some fruit and a bit of greens in a smoothie. My brother and his wife googled that distilled water took vitamins off of you and shouldn’t be drank.

      I have to hand it to the elite. BRAVO !!!!!!! Bravo on the amount of misinformation and propaganda they have done to the masses. They really did a good job at deceiving people about good health.

      • We are lied not just about health. About earth also. We don’t live on a spinning globe. There are lands outside antarctic shore that surrounds us. Watch level2021 on Eric dubay.

      • I have friends with Masters degrees in medicine. I talk with them and refer them to Dr Morse channel. Most have some sort of physical ailments,…diabetes, glaucoma, skin rashes…
        They just can’t let this info in. They say it’s all just “too simple”. I believe after sooo many years of Western Medicine schooling their EGO cannot let go, they cannot fanthom that they have been duped their entire medical training. It is ALOT to ponder, but I believe it’s true. They would rather suffer the complications of pills to cover up the symptoms that go right to the cause. Sad, but true. It’s the mind the ego, that can’t let go. It’s what holds back many and keeps them going to the Dr till they just die a miserable painful medicated death.

    • Thank you for shining the light on what is going on. People are waking up all over the world. People in Europe and the rest of the world have been demonstrated heavily for at least two years and every day more people are waking up and join. Still though a lot of people are not aware. Here in Denmark is also the royal family infiltrated… as in the rest of the world. So much truth is coming out. Everything will turn, when enough people are standing strong together❤️🕊

  5. I’ve been watching Dr Morse for some time time (years) and this video he did is one of the best .
    Don’t get me wrong there are many good one but this really answer alot for people who are just getting to know him ,,, for all you newbies out there just watch this video , believe me when l say this you are on that ride side of knowledge of health and connecting to your true inner self . Like De Morse says we all make mistakes and we are not perfect but we can do something about getting that self love back ,,, God is LOVE and we are created by that and so why not LOVE thy self in many ways including your earth suit , much LOVE to you all for it is the answer

  6. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Dr Morse ,Could you please talk more about antibiotics .You said you took some antibiotics for you kidney stone removal.I might of misheard and i`m sorry if I have .I just didn`t think we needed them and if we do under what circumstances please.Could you also please talk more about oxalates in greens NOT causing kidney stones when eaten RAW. I heard you talk about it once ,but not alot of people know and get put of the raw diet . THANKS YASMIN XXX XXX XXX

    • Hi Yas,

      For the best chance of getting a response from Dr. Morse in a future video, please fill out the Ask Dr. Morse TV form here: https://drmorse.tv/ask/

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    • Hello Yas,
      Dr. Morse has talked extensively about antibiotics in his past videos. You want to avoid them at all costs. They will destroy the bacteria in you body, like macrophages, which metabolize the acidic toxins in your body to a less acidic substance. If you destroy these bacteria in your body with antibiotics and such. it will feel like you are bathing in the lava pits of hell. Also antibiotics will create alot of sulfur in da gut which will be difficult to get rid of and will burn your bum hole when you are releasing the mammoth out in the wilderness if you know what i mean 😉. Sorry for my bad england. tis not my first languach if u know what i mean dot

  7. The New World Order is a war against anyone of white European decent. “Christians” Open Borders is the Kalergi Planto wipe all white races out; specifically white Christian’s that came to america from europe These ruling families are not white although they appear white. The reason why this same banking cabal bombed Germany and told the world Hitler was evil. Until the masses learn about this giant HOAX we will have this nightmare earth roaming dual citizenship cabal of satan worshiping hyena’s sacrificing children and poisoning the world with petrochemicals and using their FAKE WW2 propaganda to get persecution money so that they can enslave and exterminate all of us if we don’t comply with the new world order

  8. I saw a “SkinWalker” about 4yrs ago in front of my home. My clock in time for work was 4:30am so I was warming my car up at 3:30am.. Im 6’7 an it was taller than me. I remember it had a head but no face an yet we still locked eyes with each other as insane as that sounds. I wasn’t afraid but stunned cause I didn’t know what I was looking at. I remember it took off running and leaped over an abandoned home across the street from me. Idk if it feared me or didn’t want me seeing it. My Wife told me later she saw the same thing when I left for work. It sucks we were the only two….No one wants to be labeled cooky or weird 😔

  9. Love this guy , he’s truly a jedi when it comes to the truth on food & nutrition. Godsent ?
    100% Absolutely 💯 His instructions have saved me from a dark pit .

  10. Dr Morse , someone sent me to you 2015 . Just wanted to say that i love you so much !!! not sure where i would have been today had i not watched your free you tube videos , get knowledge and help me properly heal from a breast tumor after protocols ,oils but more then anything learn the body system and the proper diet , lymph , etc… God bless you and know that i owe you a lot ! Valentina

      • yes , most definitely , im leaving town to see family till 10/11 th tho ,,, so is it okay if we talk after that ? in the mean time soak up all DR Robert Morse videos about cancer, don’t stress, don’t fear , eat raw fruits grapes , berries , melons . don’t accept chemo ,mammograms , biopsies or if you already did ? eating raw will detox these toxins out of your body . Main idea is not to panic you are not dying .. you are just backed up in your cleaning system and you have to clean up , help your body get rid of the bad cells ( tumors ) your body can do it , my body did it . that was my journey . As i do not know specifics about you and your situation ? these are general rules for anyone with cancer . Hope this helps for now . also i did at least 2 of Dr Morse herbal protocols ,with raw fruit and i also used up like 20 bottles of essential oils on my boob and underarm and under toungue ( safe oils , Do your research pure oil NOT AROMATERAPHY oils ) look for pure grade essential oils organic ,you’ll find some . This is what worked for me .. # 1 DO NOT PANIC ,DO NOT STRESS and don’t do chemo ! will stay in touch later …

  11. Hi, I promote fruits, I make tinctures. I’m learning about herbs and iridology. Thank you for being there and best regards from Poland.

  12. Love you Doctor Morse!
    We have privilege to live on this beautiful planet, full of love and 🥭 mangoes, as one we can stand and turn all “evil” to “light”. I believe that we are strong enough in our faith to lighten the darkest parts of universe.
    Love you all ❤️

  13. Meanwhile those spike proteins are found in mother’s milk. This is a really hard time but a great chance to learn. My personal goal for this lifetime is getting rid of my ( not appropriate) anger .
    By meditation I learned a lot about my past and the reason for my anger. I hope I can continue after my first steps because time has come to do so…
    What I learned in the last year is that the tragicomedy of our politics is just displayed to hide the true evil stuff happening. The negative feelings you project into these games just fortifies the evil force in the background.

    • How can I properly meditate? I’m 19 and nobody has ever taught me anything really. I struggle with anger issues aswell and I need to work on it. I have taken big step a bit I feel as if meditation will complete my mission to heal. Please let me know in detail! Thank you!

  14. The people in our government and other country’s governments are corrupt, greedy, self serving SCUM! They should all be locked up in a cage to rot to death! I do not know about aliens or invaders from other places outside earth but I do know lies and corruption when I see it and that is more prevalent now than ever before. Something has to give and be prepared for a war that has never been seen before between the citizens and the corrupt lying scum in the government(s).

  15. Hello to you all.
    I was listening a lots of Dr. Morse’s videos, but my english is not so good, I’ll understand 60% of what he is saying.
    It can be possible have a translate in italian or romanian langueges?
    Thank you for your time.
    A big hug.

  16. Please clarify for me. Do NOT drink distilled water by itself. We CAN use distilled water when making our Dr. Morse teas? I currently have noticed worsening of my varicose veins. I drink spring water and use distilled for teas. Am I doing this right? Thank you.

    • According to his detox resource book and a YouTube video he created in 2017. Dr. Morse recommends distilled, as it aids in detoxification. There is some debate weather distilled leaches minerals. Some say it only leaches non ideal minerals. In the 2017 video Dr. Morse admits to drinking avian and an Italian spring water…. I’m curious why he is ok with drinking imported h20 in plastic bottles?

  17. Thank you so much for your work. I just discovered you through a friend and I love your videos. Ok I don’t understand all the words of the body system and need to learn a lot but you are a real warrior and you inspire me so much!!!

  18. Thank you Dr Morse. It has taken a few years now to turn the super tanker of lies and misinformation around and I am at last able to fully appreciate what acids do. What they are and how to avoid them. Your book has been a constant source of information along with all your videos. We are hostage to the food industry if we are not super careful, and understand what our human body needs to stay healthy. Best wishes to you always, Jennifer

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